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International reference check

  • Our researchers will conduct a personal or professional reference check on the applicant based on the information provided on the order.
  • Our international researchers are located throughout the world to ensure language and culture appropriate contact is made at the right time of day or night.
  • Our researchers ask a standard set of questions that differ slightly for personal and professional references. The questions seek to understand the applicant's attitude and outlook, relationships with others, strengths and weaknesses, productivity as well as an overall assessment.
  • Standard Questions to ask:
    • How long have you known "applicant's name"?
    • Has the relationship been personal, professional or a little bit of both?
    • If the relationship was professional ask if they were co-workers, "applicant's name" worked for you, or you worked for "applicant's name"?
    • Can you describe any characteristics or traits that an employer would want to know about "applicant's name" such as are they hardworking, reliable, trustworthy, etc?
    • Can you describe this person's communications skills, both orally and written, if applicable?
    • Does "applicant's name" get along well with others?
    • Do you trust "applicant's name" completely?
    • If you were in a position to hire "applicant's name", would you do so?
  • Note:
    • A valid phone number is very important in order to complete your request successfully. Please understand that it can be difficult to find a company in a foreign country.

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